Macrame Madness

Good afternoon to each and every one of my readers!

Just last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a macrame class in the beautiful Mount Dandenong’s with one of my girlfriends and it was an experience worth talking about.

The class was held by a talented and warm woman named Dutchie who runs Dutchie’s Delights in Menzies Creek who not only runs these classes but makes some of the most intricate and unique pieces you could ever imagine, some of her products can be seen here.

Dutchie’s own classes are strictly limited to 10 people at most, this way she can provide each attendant with some personal one on one time to ensure that everything is being made correctly, safely and most importantly, happily! Now you’re probably thinking, a limited, personal and intimate class like this must be waaay out of your budget to attend, but no, guess again! The class only costs $85 per person, how good is that? What’s included is a full day of macrame skills, covering all materials including a lovely stone for one of the two pieces you will make, as well as some lovely relaxation time in the break. The only things that you need to bring are one flat crystal of your own choice (don’t worry if you don’t have one, Dutchie has amazing stones for sale), a plate of snacks to share and your smiling, eager to learn self!

During the class, Dutchie showed us all kinds of knots and how to wrap different types of stones in different shapes and sizes. The class ran so smoothly and enjoyably, after learning new skills and how to finesse current skills, we walked away with an amazing experience and some beautiful pieces to show off or gift to our friends and family.

After the class, we had the opportunity to shop Dutchie’s own materials and stunning collection of gemstones. With the materials and the know-how, I was able to produce some pieces of my own, you can find these online here.

Feeling inspired to start your own macrame journey, it’s not too late! There’s another class on the 4th of February and you can get your tickets here. Do not miss out on this amazing, fun class.

PS. Thanks for tagging along for the fun, Britt! We had a blast for a girls day out in the hills.

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